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Welcome to the Ugly Show!

Meet the Characters!

Jasmine Fiera

Kira Nova

Sam Mark

Jenny Cat

Penny Bigham

Emily Mikia

Jackee Carl


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  • new page Season 2
    created by OliviaHolt
    New page: Ugly Car Ugly Birthday Ugly Date Ugly Boyfriend Ugly Horse Ugly Dinner Ugly Sad Face Ugly Martin Ugly Dance Ugly Swell Ugly...
  • new page Season 1
    created by OliviaHolt
    New page: 1. Ugly Pilot 2. Ugly Crush 3. Ugly Mascot UNKNOWN AIRED EPISODES Ugly Japan (1-2) Ugly Magic (2) Ugly Injury Ugly History Project Ugly...
  • new page Sam Mark
    created by OliviaHolt
    New page: Sam Mark Vital statistics Position Love interests: Jasmine Fiera (Crush) Penny Bigham (Admirer/Girlfriend) Age 17 (Season 1) 18-19...
  • new page Jasmine Fiera
    created by OliviaHolt
    New page: Jasmine Fiera Vital statistics Position Love Interests: Sam Mark (Crush) Age 16-17 (Season 1) 18-19 (Season 2) Status ...
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    Brandon Rhea

    Brandon Rhea

    Hello, We're excited to have The Ugly Show Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful t... 

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